Restaurant Review – La Cuccagna

I went to this restaurant for the first time with a friend about a year ago, when I hadn’t been subjected to gluten deprivation yet. I had ordered a pizza Diavola. It contained Salame Calabrese, onions and Parmesan. I had swapped the Parmesan for Mozzarella because I’m not too keen on that strong a flavour on my pizza. It was really, really good and the crust was amazing. I sald with confidence it was the best pizza I tasted in Malta, only second to the one I’ve had in Rimini. When I heard they made gluten-free pizzas, I was delighted! I decided to visit in the hope that their gluten free pizza is as good as their regular one…




AND IT WAS! It was so good I couldn’t even take a photo before digging in! LOOK! In case you were wondering, my pizza is a cross between a Diavola and  Maltija, which contains Maltese sausage and peppered cheeselets. I ordered half and half because I was undecided and wanted ….everything. So my order was a gluten free pizza, half Maltija, half Diavola, with Mozzarella instead of Parmesan on the Diavola. Quite a customized order, right? And you know what? They were polite about it and got it right! Amazing. I love this place. Apart from the excellent pizza, the price is really affordable and the gluten free pizza is not more expensive than the regular. Two pizzas, a bottle of water and a glass of wine cost us under 25Eur, which is really good. The place is nice and comfy, and homely, perfect for a weekday after a day of work.

This is going to become a regular!


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