Gluten-free pizza bases: Schar

The worst thing about being off gluten, for me, is that my last meal on death row would consist of a Pepperoni Pizza with chilli olive oil on top. I was really bummed out about that until I came across this at a supermarket:

Alluring object on supermarket shelf

Gluten-free pizza bases! Two small ones! At something above 3Eur! No way, I thought. I’ll make those myself. I moved on to look at a few hundred types of rice cakes and then thought Hmm, what if it’s the evening and I’m too tired to make dough? These are ready in ten minutes and they look exceedingly gluten-free to me…so they were purchased.

I ended up having pizza for lunch the next day. I made it with tomato sauce, salami Napoli, semi-sour olives and a little bit of Maltese sausage, topped with mozzarella, pestle-and-mortar ground peppercorns and sea salt and a couple tablespoons too many of chilli oil. Some fresh chives were sprinkled on top when it got out of the oven, ready and golden after just under 15 minutes.



And it was pretty damn good. It was really, really good. Obviously, it wasn’t a real pizza. It wasn’t the kind of pizza I’d appreciate as my last meal on death row. But it was very tasty and very satisfying. The crust is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside, and a good thickness for a packaged pizza base. The size was perfect for one hungry woman- not too small but not too big. The price is quite high for two 150g pizza bases, but it’s really convenient for lazy evenings. I like these a lot 🙂


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